Vario Activated Carbon Refill Pack (2 Piece)



Activated carbon – refill pack (2 Piece) for Katadyn Vario.

The capacity of the activated carbon granulate depends on the water quality. The more the water is chemically or taste polluted, the faster the capacity of the granulate is reduced from max. 200 liters per piece (bag). If the water still has an unpleasant taste or odor despite the use of the filled activated carbon cartridge, the granulate must be replaced.

Regardless of the liter capacity, the activated carbon granulate should be replaced after 6 months of continuous use at the latest.


When closed, there is no durability for the activated carbon.
However, if the pack has been opened once, we recommend using it up within one year.
If the activated carbon has already been used once, we recommend using it up within six months.


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