Vino Vida



Description of Vino Vida

Red wine extract from grape seeds.

Opc – an Interesting Ingredient in Red Wine Extract

Red wine contains a remarkable amount of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins). In the grapes whose extract we use for Vino Vida, we pay attention to a particularly high OPC content. Another secondary plant substance in red wine is resveratrol.

In 1979, the scientific journal “The Lancet” described the “french paradox” for the first time. This refers to the observation that the French have, on average, better vascular health, although they eat more fat, smoke more and exercise less. A possible explanation could be the higher consumption of red wine.

The Advantages of Opc Without the Disadvantages of Alcohol

OPC are among the best researched secondary plant compounds (see studies on PubMed). One capsule of Vino Vida contains as much OPC as a liter of red wine, but no alcohol.

Product Information About the Vino Vida Capsules by Kingnature

One Tin of Vino Vida contains 90 capsules, each containing 305 mg of grape seed extract and 35 mg of vitamin C from acerola fruits. Net content: 49 g.
305 mg of grape seed extract are contained in 305 mg of Vino Vida:

  • 290 mg polyphenols from grape seeds,
  • thereof 150 mg OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins),
  • thereof 60 mg flavanoids,
  • thereof 20 mg resveratrol.

We only use vegetarian capsule shells, made from vegetable material (HPMC), without gelatine.

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