Katadyn Tactical BeFree 1.0Liter



Description of Katadyn Tactical BeFree 1.0Liter

The BeFree completely dispenses with susceptible technology: the filter process is carried out automatically by lightly pressing the button while drinking. The filter can be cleaned just as easily by swivelling and shaking. With its tiny packing size, the BeFree fits in any backpack or even in your pocket and is always ready to hand. The sophisticated system consists of a robust, BPA and PVC-free 1.0L Hydrapak drinking bag and a 0.1 micro hollow fiber filter and filters up to 1000 liters of water. The drinking bag can be easily filled via the spacious 42mm opening. Free Flow Channels ensure a fast water flow while drinking. They also allow the EZ-Clean membrane to be cleaned by simply swivelling or shaking the filter – without backwashing. The drinking attachment with protective cap keeps the mouthpiece hygienically clean. Another special feature of the BeFree: It is the only hollow fiber filter on the market for which you can buy a replacement filter and the mouthpiece can also be replaced. Furthermore, the BeFree is compatible with all Hydrapak SoftFlask.

Dimensions (cm) 27
Diameter (cm) 7 ∅
Performance (L) 2 L/min
Technologie Hollow fiber filter 0,1 Micron
Weight (g) 63
Data Sheet
Filter Change ?

The 1’000 liter filter capacity is a guide value. It depends very much on the water quality.
With increasing duration the flow will decrease. As long as this is still sufficient and the hollow fibres are not damaged, the filter can be used.

With the following test you can determine whether the filter is still ok:

  • 1. Get the filter wet
  • 2. Blow in
  • 3. See if the bottle fills with air
  • a) Fills > = defective
  • b) Does not fill > = OK

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