Katadyn Pocket Tactical

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Description of Katadyn Pocket Tactical

Whether survival, bushcraft, hunting, or outdoors: the new Tactical Line from the Katadyn Group offers the perfect basis for all the challenges you face in nature.

The robust Katadyn Pocket Tactical is a ceramic depth filter against bacteria, protozoa and other pathogens. The pores of the filter ceramic (pore size: 0.2 micron = 0.0002 mm) are smaller than the microorganisms. Due to their size, these cannot pass through the filter element and are removed from the water.

In contrast to disposable filters, the Katadyn ceramic, which has been proven a hundred times over, can be cleaned several times – regeneration is also possible without any problems when on the move.

At 1 liter/minute, the time saved by the silver-impregnated ceramic filter is also a major plus point. The service life is up to 50’000L, depending on the water quality

Efficient, durable and hard-wearing water treatment is especially important when you are embarking on extreme adventures. For decades, military and rescue services all over the world have also relied on the Pocket.


Output: 1l/min
Lifetime: 50’000l
Weight: 550g
Dimensions: 24x ø5cm

Data Sheet
Worth knowing

Why treat water?

Even visually clear water can be contaminated. Therefore, surface water should always be filtered or disinfected before drinking it. Especially in rivers the water quality fluctuates strongly: This depends on the microorganisms from animal and human waste, which enter the rivers in different quantities via rain and run-off water. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 90 percent of fresh water worldwide is contaminated.

Important note on the storage of the ceramic element:

It is very important that the ceramic element is completely dry before storing it for a long period of time. It is recommended to leave the ceramic element to dry open in the fresh air for up to 3 days before putting it back into the filter. If the ceramic element has been stored damp and has taken on a foul taste, we recommend the following: Pump one to two liters of water with Micropur Forte or sodium carbonate (leaf green) through the filter, place the ceramic element in it (e.g. overnight), rinse it well afterwards and reassemble the filter. You should use neutral, unchlorinated water for the taste test.


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