Char Cloth



Description of Char Cloth

Any crackling campfire originates from a glow – With Char Cloth in the handy tin you have the spark for the Petromax Fire Plunger within immediate reach. The contents of one tin correspond to approximately 450 ignition processes and suffice to replenish the storage container of the Fire Plunger about 30 times. Also, the combustion material is completely natural and consists solely of pyrolised cotton rope. This glows particularly intensive and long-running, so that you can fuel your tinder nest and get your cooking place up and running.

As the Char Cloth is packed weather-proof and space-saving inside the tin you can always leave the little helper in your backpack. This way you have the alternative to bring it to a glow also with a fire steel.

In case you have used up all your tinder after all you can reuse the empty tin to make new Char Cloth from old fabric pieces.

Technical Details

Tinder: cotton
Dimensions (diameter tin): 7.2 cm
Overall weight: 19 g

Technical data
diameter tin: 7,2 cm
: Cotton