Optimus Vega



Description of Optimus Vega


The new Optimus Vega is a lightweight gas stove with hose connection. In one stove it combines two ways of cooking. The integrated 4-season mode with liquid gas supply is used at low temperatures and low fuel levels or when particularly fast cooking performance is required. Simply fold out the feet on the valve housing and turn the gas cartridge over. The fuel economy mode is ideal for precise cooking with optimized gas supply. The Optimus Vega has the lowest center of gravity in its class. This makes it extremely stable even with large pots. The included windscreen with rounded corners increases the stove performance and saves fuel. Thanks to two adjustment positions, it can be optimally adapted to the size of the cooking pot.

Burning time: Up to 160 min at full power (230 g gas cartridge)
Weight: 178 g
Included in delivery: Complete stove with windshield and packing bag
Cooking time: Only 3 min/l in 4-season mode and 4.5 min/l in fuel-saving mode, depending on climate
Power :3700 W / 12580 BTU in 4-season mode and 1400 W / 4760 BTU in burn save mode
Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 65 mm
Technology: Optimus gas cartridges


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