Optimus Polaris Optifuel +0.4L Fuel Bottle



Description of Optimus Polaris Optifuel +0.4L Fuel Bottle


With the Optimus Polaris Optifuel, cooking outdoors is even more fun. The all-rounder with only one nozzle for different fuels such as gas, pure petrol, kerosene, diesel or kerosene offers maximum flexibility with the best cooking performance on the road. Handling could not be easier, as the nozzle does not need to be changed. The magnetic cleaning needle allows quick cleaning of the nozzle even during cooking. The quick-igniting burner shortens the preheating time and the robust aluminum pump is safe and reliable to use thanks to its integrated venting function. When operating the stove with gas, you can choose between fuel-saving mode and 4-season mode for increased stove performance, e.g. at low temperatures. To do this, simply fold out the integrated feet and turn the gas cartridge over.

Burning timeUp to 105 min at full power (230 g gas cartridge), up to 100 min at full power (400 ml fuel)
FuelPure gasoline, kerosene, petrol, diesel and kerosene
GasButan, Isobutan, Propan
Weight475 g (with pump)
Included in deliverystove, pump, 0,4 l fuel bottle, multitool, heat reflector, adjustable windscreen, pannier
Cooking timeOnly 4 min/l (gas cartridge), only 3.4 min/l (pure gasoline), depending on climate etc.
PerformancePure gasoline: 4200 Watt, 14340 BTU, gas cartridge: 3300 Watt, 11267 BTU
Mass (folded)140 x 80 x Ø 65 mm

Optimus Polaris data sheet

Included in delivery: 0.4 liter fuel bottle.


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