NBC Civil Defense Filters



Description of NBC Civil Defense Filters

Product information “Multigrade combi-filter DIRIN 500 A2 B2-P3R D NBC”

NBC filter also known as NBC filter protects against nuclear, bacterial and chemical warfare agents.

  • Protection against organic gases and vapours with a boiling point of >65°C, inorganic gases and vapours and particles of toxic and highly toxic substances (P3)
  • With Innovative BIOSTOP
  • With additional test as NBC protection filter by the German Armed Forces according to the technical delivery conditions TL 4240-0017
  • DIN EN 14387 additionally tested as ABC and civil protection filters by recognized
  • Test Institutes
  • With Dolomite Dust Test

The principle of filter respiratory protection is to remove harmful components from the air before inhalation. For this purpose, special filter materials are used, which must be adapted to the pollutants present. Therefore it is important to know which pollutants are present.

Duration of Use:
The service life of the filters depends on the filter class, the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pollutant content…) and the breathing capacity of the user. Gas filters are exhausted when the smell or taste of the gas becomes noticeable: Particle filters and particle-filtering half masks when the breathing resistance increases noticeably.

It is therefore advisable to include replacement filters in the calculation, in times of crisis these filters are usually sold out quickly.

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