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Description of Gamma-Scout Online

 GAMMA-SCOUT®Online – Geiger Counter

This model has the option of REAL TIME display, i.e. the simultaneous transfer of the measured values to an external screen. While the device is connected to the PC via USB interface, the Gamma-Scout is externally powered, thus saving battery life. The Gamma-Scout Online is the only model that offers the possibility to evaluate the stored values via a graphic tool. Gamma-Scout Online also contains all the features of “Gamma-Scout with Alarm and Ticker”. The data storage as well as the ticker and alarm function remain active during the data transfer.

Alarm and Ticker:

Includes all the features of the “with Alarm and Ticker” model

Online/Real Time Functions:

Gamma-Scout Online can do both – it transfers the dose or the pulse rate or dose rate to an external screen in real time, i.e. simultaneously with the measurement.

New: Graphic Tool:

Gamma-Scout Online is the only model in the GS family that is equipped with a graphic tool and can evaluate the measured values not only in tabular form but also graphically.

Simple Measurement:

In the measuring mode the current dose rate (a measure for the ionizing radiation) is displayed every 2 seconds or briefly the average dose rate of the last day (0:00-23:59)

Patented Energy Saving Concept:

The Gamma-Scout® monitors the radiation day and night and stores the values for later readout. Thanks to sophisticated, patented electronics, the battery will last for years. The RECHARGEABLE model works with rechargeable batteries. When connected to the PC, the device is supplied with power via the USB interface – this saves the battery or charges the battery.

Measures α Radiation:

Thanks to a high-quality LND end window counter, the Gamma-Scout measures α, β and γ radiation.

Wide Measuring Range:

According to calibration, the GAMMA-SCOUT measures reliably over a wide range (0.1 up to 1,000 microSievert/h). The measuring range of the counter tube is much larger, but the device is calibrated with specified accuracy.

Tested Calibration:

Every GAMMA-SCOUT measuring instrument is subjected to a final test, which is supervised by the Institute for Radiation Protection of a state technical college. The test items must be within the 5% confidence interval against a master, which in turn has been calibrated against a tested Cs 137 emitter and the ODL.

Dose Rate and Dose:

GAMMA-SCOUT is also a dosimeter (cumulated radiation over time).

Data Storage:

GAMMA-SCOUT stores occurred pulses in different adjustable time intervals (up to 32,000 readings). For permanent monitoring, the storage of environmental values is set to one value every 2h, which would correspond to a recording period of 7 years.

Data Readout via Microsoft WINDOWS:

The stored values can be read out and evaluated under Microsoft Windows (WIN 7 up to WIN 10) using the enclosed TOOLBOX software.

Data Readout via MAC OS X:

The stored values can be read out and evaluated under Mac OS X using the Gamma-Scout READER software supplied.

Flexible Display:

The display can be shown in Sievert or Rem.

Permitted on Flights:

The GAMMA-SCOUT (R) can be carried on board of airplanes.


The GAMMA-SCOUT(R) complies with Section 15 of the US FCC rules.

Source Isotope Not Equal to CS 137:

The conversion of pulses per time to dose rate is based on Cs 137. In case other isotopes are present, the pulses per time can be displayed directly and converted according to your own tables.

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