72 x Emergency Stove with Cooking Attachments



Description of 72 x Emergency Stove with Cooking Attachments

The SicherSatt emergency stove with cooking attachment is a further development of the tried and tested Swiss Army emergency stove 71.
1 emergency stove contains 200g safety fuel paste (ethanol) and a cooking attachment.

To be used outdoors or as emergency supply, for heating food and water.


Safe: The consistency of the Hot-Light fuel paste remains consistent during
same for the entire burning time: no danger of explosion!

Simple and clean: handling is very easy.
Hot-Light burns without smoke, soot, odour or noise.

Non-toxic: fuel paste does not contain dangerous methanol or similar.
(fuel is ethanol).

Inexpensive: The burning time of the 200 g Tin is about 3 hours.

Ecological: Recyclable packaging.

Long shelf life: Sealed original packaging has a long shelf life.


Gross Weight: 270g (thereof fuel paste: 200g)
Diameter: 85mm
Height: 53mm

Useful Tips for Application

Safety fuel paste:

  • is produced on a high quality basis
  • when used professionally – safe – clean – strong
  • is recommended:
    If the can contents do not burn off completely:
    Close the Tin completely after use, otherwise the burning substance will evaporate and the remaining amount will be difficult to ignite.
    If the can is used repeatedly, stir the paste through and mix in the epidermis.
    Observance of these instructions always guarantees the functionality of this product.

Safety Data Sheet


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