Goal Zero Yeti 3000x



Description of Goal Zero Yeti 3000x

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station is the successor of the Yeti 3000 Lithium. The Yeti 3000X Lithium is the perfect solution if you need a powerful generator for universal use. With the large battery capacity of 3032 Wh you can connect all electrical devices with a power up to 2000 W (3500 W peak load) to operate or charge them. Thanks to the various outputs available to you: from 5 V USB-A, USB-C and USB-C PD to 12V and 230V AC, you can connect and power or charge, for example, small refrigerators or coolers, laptops, lighting, electric hotplates, power tools, and smartphones. The Yeti 3000X is also equipped with a WLAN function, which allows you to integrate the Yeti into your WLAN and control it remotely. With the Yeti app you can easily check the charging status. You can also read the current power consumption (inputs and outputs) and switch ports on and off. Even the firmware can be easily updated via the app. Of course, you can charge the Yeti 3000X in different ways. With the included 230V power supply via the mains or in the vehicle at the car socket with the Goal Zero 12 V charging cable (not included). Of course, you can also charge your power station with solar modules from Goal Zero. The Yeti’s integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) charge controller ensures the most effective charging process. With solar modules, the maximum charging power (600 watts) can be achieved by using the High Power Port (HPP). With the versatile accessories from Goal Zero you have the possibility to use the Yeti even more versatile. For example, with the Yeti Link Car Charging Kit, which allows you to charge the Yeti with the alternator of your vehicle within a few hours. With the Yeti Expansion Tank (AGM battery) you can increase the available battery capacity by 1.2 kWh (100Ah) per tank. Thus, it is possible for you to build up a self-sufficient, powerful energy system with the help of the Yeti. On the front side, the Yeti 3000X Lithium Power Station is equipped with a bright and easy-to-read display. On this display you can see at a glance the charging status of the battery, as well as the currently consumed energy (inputs and outputs) and much more. A multifunctional timer display is also available, which you can easily set via the function keys. Using this timer, you can, for example, display how long you can still operate the connected electrical devices, or how long it will take until the power station is fully charged. With the help of the various buttons above the display, you can adjust the display exactly to your needs. The scope of delivery also includes a practical trolley for comfortable transport. The Yeti 3000X offers you enough power and capacity to supply your important mobile devices with energy. Thus, you are well equipped for any adventure such as a camping week. Likewise, the Yeti is suitable as an energy backup for a work assignment, or to build your own, self-sufficient energy system for emergencies.

product features
Length (in cm) 38.74
Width (in cm) 25.98
Height (in cm) 34.54
Packing size (in cm): 38.74cm x 25.98cm x 34.54cm
Packing weight (in g) 31650
Output ports
USB-A Port: 5V, up to 2.4A (12W max), reguliert (2 Stk)
USB-C Port: 5-12V, up to 3.0A (18W max), reguliert
USB-C PD Port: 5-20V, up to 3.0A (60W max), reguliert
6 mm Port: 12V, bis zu 10A (120W max)
12V KFZ Port: 12V, bis zu 10A (120W max), reguliert
12V Power Pole Port: 12V, up to 30A (360W max), reguliert
230V AC Inverter: 230VAC 50Hz, 8.5A (2000W Dauerbelastung, 3500W Spitzenbelastung) (reine Sinuswelle)
Battery type: Li-ion NMC
Battery capacity (in watt-hours): 3032
Input ports
DC Charging Port (blau, 8mm): 14-50V, bis zu 10A (120W max)
Power Pole Charging Port: 14-50V, bis zu 50A (600W max)
USB-C PD Port: 5-20V, bis zu 3.0A (60W max), reguliert