Storage Instructions

For best storage results, dehydrated food as well as canned food should be stored in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight.

Too much heat can lead to chemical changes, which can result in a change in taste and reduced nutrient content.

Therefore, in most cases, storage in the basement or living area is recommended.

Optimal would be a constant storage temperature below 20 degrees.

With shorter storage periods of 2-5 years, larger temperature fluctuations are no problem.

Storage and shelf life of opened tins/packages:

What is the shelf life of the food after opening the tins?

The question of how long the contents of an opened package can still be enjoyed is not easy to answer. The shelf life varies not only depending on the product, but also on how the product is stored and used after opening. For example, if someone is used to eating directly from an opened package by hand, the contents can spoil more quickly than if they are handled hygienically. As a result, shelf-life periods for goods that have already been opened cannot be clearly defined. But: most reactions indicating spoilage are visible (e.g. mold infestation) or can be perceived in terms of taste (musty smell, souring, rancidity, etc.).  In principle, however, the following can be stated:

Tin with an enclosed plastic lid and should then be consumed within 4 weeks.

Worth knowing about the Shelf Life