Family Offer Gluten Free

The gluten-free family offer with 220’374kcal!



€ 19.09/kg


The “Family Offer Gluten Free”: 220’374kcal balanced ingredients. This corresponds to 1’836 kcal per day for the safe nutrition of four people during 30 days.


  • 18 x NRG-5 ZERO – gluten-free emergency rations
  • 4 x whole milk powder à 900g, results in 28.8 liters)
  • 4 x red lenses à 1400g
  • 4 x black beans precooked à 800g
  • 4 x chick peas precooked à 800g
  • 4 x risotto rice à 1600g
  • 4 x fine crystal sugar à 1800g
  • 4 x Potatoestick ready to use à 1200g
  • 4 x golden millet à 1400g
  • 4 x 2-minute corn semolina à 1200g
  • 4 x vegetable mixture à 400g
  • 1 x vegetable broth gluten-free, 1000g each, yields 50-66 liters, for soup or to salt and spice)
  • 1 x whole egg powder of 800g, equivalent to 60 eggs)
  • 1 x Brown sauce, vegan/gluten-free à 600g, makes 10 liters of sauce)

Menu suggestions


milk, lactose, egg

Minimum Shelf Life

SicherSatt Tins 2030

NRG-5 ZERO – emergency rations 2035


The family offer gluten-free is delivered in four compact, storable and stackable cardboard boxes à 55x41x23cm.