Charcoal Grate for Loki and Loki2

Charcoal grate for insertion into the combustion chamber



Description of Charcoal Grate for Loki and Loki2

With this your fire will not get out of breath.

For keeping control of the flames inside your Loki2 Petromax recommends the extra Charcoal Grate for your tent oven. He reliably separates embers and burning wood from ashes and thus ensures for optimum oxygen supply. In combination with the adjustable slider in the oven door you obtain an individually controllable combustion and facilitate the chimney effect. The Petromax Charcoal Grate is positioned through the oven door.

Also suitable for use with the Petromax Loki. Here the Charcoal Grate is placed on the lower part of the corpus through the oven door.

Technical Details

Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 2 x 13.8 x 40.4 cm
Weight: 352 g