Feuerhand Fire Bowl Tyropit



Description of Feuerhand Fire Bowl Tyropit

Innovative fire bowl

The stainless-steel fire bowl in industrial design not only convinces through durability and timeless look, but also with its thought-out operating principle. The corpus is double-walled and furnished with circumferential air openings. This way secondary airflow develops leading to an effective and especially low-soot and low-smoke wood combustion. At the same time, the constant oxygen supply ensures an ideal ventilation of the fireplace over the entire operating time. The inside diameter of 50.6 cm provides enough room for larger logs. Over time the Tyropit develops an appealing and individual patina, varying according to degree of heat, manner of filling and type of fuel.

Clever structure

The in-house developed Feuerhand fire bowl Tyropit consists of several components: Within the double-walled stainless-steel corpus there are the removable ash-dish with integrated domed spark guard as well as the charcoal grate. Combustion residues are collected inside the ash dish for later clean and easy removal. The domed spark guard ensures a constant supply of fresh air and at the same time prevents embers from falling towards the ground. The charcoal grate prevents the fire from suffocating while adding fuel is always possible. Three sturdy support legs ensure a firm stand on the terrace or garden floor and the heat shield protects the ground underneath. For cleaning, only the ash dish is removed and emptied. The other parts are cleaned by means of a hand brush.

Technical Details

Diameter stand space: 62.3 cm
Diameter upper edge (outside): 57.8 cm
Diameter upper edge (inside): 50.6 cm
Height with support legs: 35.5 cm
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 12.1 kg

Scope of delivery

1 x Cylindrical fire bowl (stainless steel)
1 x Charcoal grate
1 x Ash dish with domed spark guard
1 x Heat shield