Our Vacuumizing Machine

Our SicherSatt tins are vacuum-sealed and sealed in a protective atmosphere (N2) using state-of-the-art machines from the Swiss world market leader INDOSA. Due to the exclusion of oxygen the product can no longer oxidize or “spoil”. The oxidizable parts of the products, e.g. fats or proteins, retain their natural freshness and effectiveness by keeping oxygen away. The lower the oxygen content in the product, the longer the shelf life of the product in the tin.

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Information about our SicherSatt Tins

Indosa Maschine

Our empty tin cleaning machine:

  • Empty can cleaning with open side down
  • Stainless steel, maintenance-free construction
  • Clean cleaning air to blow out the Tins – odourless and residue-free cleaning air with 0.01 µ particle filter and activated carbon filter
  • Rotating ion blower nozzle
  • Separate compact dust extractor with filter, dust box, etc.
  • Compact dust extractor in stainless steel design on request
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Our industrial circulating air disinfection system:

The sterilAir® UVR circulating air disinfection system is used for air disinfection in production rooms.

Since the air in the reaction chamber is turbulently guided, the UVR with four UV tubes achieves an extremely high dose on the exposed microorganisms and is even able to inactivate particularly resistant mold spores.

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