Our Seeds

Our Premium Seeds

We only use premium seeds, which we fill in gas-tight bags. The filling quantity is usually much larger than in the usual coloured bags. We only use natural or organic seeds, which we purchase directly from regional German or European breeders.

The date on our bags is the year of bottling. We deliberately do not print a best before date, because this varies from vegetable species to vegetable species and from vintage to vintage! In general, the seeds in our bags can be stored for about 2-15 years. The germination capacity usually decreases with increasing storage time.

We fill smaller and smaller batches of the last harvest to get optimal quality. Patrick Dillmann

Our premium seeds are obtained exclusively through classical horticultural breeding work. These are mainly seed-solid varieties, partly also F1 hybrids. What we exclude is genetically manipulated seed.

An F1 hybrid is seed that is completely homogeneous, meaning that all plants have the same characteristics and properties. This is achieved through extensive breeding work and has nothing to do with “genetic manipulation”! These varieties are healthier by crossing resistant plants (often even multiple resistances against diseases). Due to the so-called “heterosis effect” these varieties are more vigorous and have about 30% higher yields. When the seeds of F1 varieties are sown, they split up again into offspring with different characteristics. However, at least 50% of the F2-generation have the same characteristics as the F1-generation! Harvesting and further propagation of our varieties are possible without any problems. F1 hybrids are also approved for organic cultivation.

Our farm is certified organic and is regularly inspected, organic products are specially marked.

In the case of organic seed, the plants from which the seed is obtained are already cultivated according to the cultivation guidelines of the respective organic associations. On request, we can also bottle seeds from the various organic associations.