Complete Package Self-Sufficiency



Description of Complete Package Self-Sufficiency

Selected robust varieties for growing and producing 32 healthy vegetables in the garden and balcony. The package is sufficient for the production of vegetables worth at least € 1500 and for self-sufficiency. Attached is a cultivation plan, which gives an overview of periods of sowing, planting and harvesting, and a booklet with detailed variety descriptions, explanations and cultivation tips. Also included are useful tools such as stick labels and a nice piked wood. The whole thing is stored in a high-quality wooden box, which can be used permanently as a seed and garden box. The seeds are thus protected from sun and moisture.

Data sheet seed complete package

– Basil, Tomato Hildares, Tomato Ranger, Spinach, Oakleaf Salad, Cucumber Stimora, Ice Salad, Nuts Salad, Kohlrabi Azure Star, Lettuce, Garden Cress, Paprika Atris, Parsley, Carrots, Leek, Radishes, Brussels sprouts, black salsify, dill, bush beans maxi, pumpkin, white cabbage, beetroot, zucchini, sweet corn, onion, sugar pea, eggplant, nutmeg pumpkin, chives, string bean, meat tomato.


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