Description of Q10-Vida

Product Information About the q10 Capsules by Kingnature

Tin Q10 Vida contains 100 soft gel capsules. Net content: 45g.
One capsule of Q10 Vida contains 30 mg of pure coenzyme Q10 from naturally biofermentative production. The Q10 Vida is selenium-free.
List of all ingredients: Emulsifier E 433, coconut oil, gelatine (capsule shell), humectant glycerin, coenzyme Q10, emulsifier magnesium stearate, water, colorants titanium dioxide, iron oxide, antioxidant dl-α-tocopherol (vitamin E).

No Q10 = No Energy

Coenzyme Q10 has an important physiological function in the human respiratory chain. The human body is able to produce sufficient Q10 by itself approximately up to the foodstuff. With increasing age, however, the probability increases that the body’s own synthesis of coenzyme Q10 decreases. If this is the case, additional supplementation with Coenyzm Q10 may be useful.

Q10 is found in the flesh of organs (e.g. liver), in oily fish (e.g. sardines), nuts (e.g. pistachios), pulses, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, cabbage, onions, potatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. However, the coenzyme can be destroyed by boiling.

Q10 Vida – the stronger coenzyme Q10

One study provides evidence that the Q10 variant contained in Q10 Vida is significantly better absorbed in the gut than conventional Q10 (higher bioavailability). Due to a special, patented lipid-based process, the absorption in the intestine is approx. 6 times higher.

Natural Quality, for the Sake of Your Health

Q10 Vida contains the original, purely biofermentatively produced coenzyme Q10 from Kaneka. After fermentation, the raw material is purified by extraction, filtration, crystallization and chromatography. The production process is therefore 100% natural and differs clearly from cheap preparations or chemically produced Q10 products.

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