Hot Shot Sports Cream STRONG



Description of Hot Shot Sports Cream STRONG

Warming sports cream with purely herbal additives & Aloe Vera, without parabens

Why a Hot Shot sports cream?

Who does not know burning muscles after sports? A fast absorbing, warming cream is a good helper. We combine a natural aloe vera gel with a natural habanero extract and add tasty wintergreen. The aloe vera cream in combination with the habanero extract releases a pleasant warmth and thus supports regeneration.

What is contained in the Hot Shot sports cream?

We harvest hand-picked Habanero chilies from organic farming in Switzerland. These pods are carefully dried, ground and concentrated with alcohol extract. They are then mixed with 99.9% pure Aloe Vera Gel (barbadensis miller) from the inner leaf. Wintergreen is also added as an essential oil.

Our Hotshot Sports Cream consists of purely natural vegetable ingredients and Aloe Vera. We do not use parabens or other chemical preservatives. We do not heat the sports cream during processing to preserve the ingredients. The only preservative is 0.1% vitamin E.

Note On Use

The cream burns in the eyes and must not be applied to mucous membranes! Clean hands thoroughly after use or wear (disposable) gloves to rub in.

Product Information About the Hot Shot Sports Cream by Kingnature

One dispenser contains 100 ml Hot Shot cream.
Available from stock in the practical Airless Pump (dispenser).

  • kingnature AG, Staubstrasse 1, 8038 Zurich, Switzerland