Caye Vida

Cayenne pepper made from Swiss chilli peppers and green tea extract. All in organic quality from certified production. Net content 51 g. 72 capsules each containing 530 mg organic cayenne pepper and 70 mg organic green tea extract. One capsule contains 12 mg catechins from organic green tea extract. Made in Switzerland.



Description of Caye Vida

Why is Cayenne healthy?

Not everyone appreciates the burning sensation of cayenne (chilli) in the mouth, in addition, many people naturally consider it bad for the stomach and intestines. Well, the truth about chilli is quite the opposite.

The cause of this burn is a natural component in chilli called capsaicin. It is well known in medical circles and used as an excellent pain reliever, for example, in the treatment of Arthritis. In order to avoid the intensity of capsaicin, we provide our product—Caye Vida in form of capsules containing a mix of cayenne and green tea extract, so that you can fully exploit the benefits of cayenne without compulsively feeling the pain. We believe that cayenne chilli should be seen as one of the most important spices available and its consumption should be encouraged.

The quality of our Cayenne

We organically and locally grow our cayenne then harvest the cili exclusively by hand. The chilli pods are then carefully dried and ground into powder, before encapsulated professionally and efficiently. Really everything for producing Cayenne Vida is done in Switzerland. Throughout the entire process, we make sure that no nutrients are lost. The product is treated neither with chemicals nor do we use any preservatives. Everything remains 100% natural and unadulterated.

Why Cayenne pepper in capsules?

With cayenne pepper in capsule form you benefit from the plant without having to endure an unpleasant burning sensation. Dosage by means of capsules is also easier. In addition to the cayenne powder there is green tea extract in the capsules.

The cayenne plants for the Caye Vida capsules from kingnature are organically grown in Switzerland and carefully harvested by hand. The carefully dried pods are then ground and processed into capsules in Switzerland. During the processing we make sure that no ingredients are lost. The product is neither chemically treated nor do we add any preservatives. Everything remains 100% natural.

What is Caye Vida used for ?

The health claims that are possible for a dietary supplement like Caye Vida and its ingredients are precisely specified by law. We cannot go beyond that, even if it should have scientifically confirmed physiological properties. Make up your own mind with an internet research.

What are the advantages of Caye Vida?

  • Cayenne pepper from Swiss cultivation.
  • All ingredients in organic quality from certified production.
  • Cayenne pepper is scientifically well documented.
  • Benefit from the ingredient capsaicin without having to endure spiciness

Buy Caye Vida online now!

Buy Caye Vida online now! You will receive a product with high-quality raw materials and an optimized recipe, which is gently processed and controlled in Switzerland. Scientifically tested vital substances from kingnature!

Product Info

Product information for Caye Vida Capsules

Caye Vida contains 72 capsules which each contain 530 mg each of organic cayenne, 70 mg of organic green tea extract (with 12 mg of catechins) Contents 51 g net.

The raw materials are micronised in the mixing process, i. e. they are crushed to a grain size of approx. 60 micrometers without being heated. We use exclusively vegi capsules made of vegetable material (HPMC) containing no gelatine. Caye Vida availability in stock.

Caye Vida is also available at your pharmacy or drugstore (Pharmacode 6083599).

Caye Vida is organic!

Caye Vida is certified organic! All ingredients of the Cayenne capsules are organically grown. Here you can view the organic certificate online.

Recommended Dosage

1-2 capsules daily, preferably taken shortly before a main meal. At the beginning, take only 1 capsule in the middle of the meal.

Nutritional supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet, fresh fruit and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

Datasheet of Caye Vida

You can find all product information in the Datasheet Caye Vida. 

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