Artemisia PET (pet food)



Description of Artemisia PET (pet food)

Capsules with Artemisia annua leaf tips

What is artemisia?

Artemisia is an annual plant that grows into a man-sized bush in summer and thrives well in our temperate climate. There are more than 300 species of Artemisia in total. The subspecies described here is known in Chinese medicine for 2000 years.

What ingredients does Artemisia contain?

The artemisia plant is very well researched. To date, 245 different secondary plant compounds have been isolated and detected in the leaf tips, including artemisin. Furthermore, numerous polyphenols have been found in the plant.

How does Artemisia work?

Artemisin contains a chemically stable peroxide, which according to the basic chemical rules cannot exist. At high concentrations of iron ions, this peroxide becomes unstable and breaks down into two aggressive free radicals, which quickly kill nearby cells.

Product Information About Artemisia Vida Capsules From Kingnature

Artemisia Vida is a supplementary feed for animals.
Tin contains 72 capsules with 600 mg each of dried, ground leaf tips of the Artemisia annua plant. Net content 51 g.
We use only vegetarian capsule shells, made of vegetable material (HPMC) without gelling agent. Artemisia Vida is available from stock.

Artemisia Vida is also suitable for larger animals.

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