Waldläufer-Wissen 2 – in German

  • Hygiene unterwegs
  • Hygiene in der Outdoor-Küche
  • Gesunder Wasserhaushalt
  • Die Notdurft
  • Nützliche Heilpflanzen
  • Mit erklärenden Bildern, Zeichnungen und Tabellen


Description of Waldläufer-Wissen 2 – in German

Outdoor Hygiene

Spine Text:

This book deals with the necessary and vital hygiene on outdoor tours and in survival situations:

– Hygiene on the Move -.
washing; soap replacement; foot care; examining & searching; parasites & bloodsuckers; dental care

– Hygiene in the outdoor kitchen -.
Cleanliness in preparation; fitness for consumption; food preparation; food storage

– Healthy water balance –
Mineral requirements; Finding safe drinking water; Boiling for treatment

– The urge to urinate –
Preparations; Seats and thunderbolts; Cleaning and after; The little business; Special female hygiene

– Useful medicinal plants –
List of useful plants

Book Information:

This book is the second title in the popular Ranger Knowledge series. When you are self-sufficient out in nature, your thoughts revolve around so many things that you pay little attention to issues such as personal hygiene. However, neglected personal hygiene runs counter to the idea of survival. Keeping oneself clean and healthy also means preventing diseases and not weakening the body unnecessarily. Only in this way can you perform at your best and survive. This book aims to show ways of hygienically caring for and protecting one’s body in extraordinary situations and thus keeping it “running”.


Kai Sackmann

  • ISBN: 9783738616439
  • Number of pages: 108
  • With explanatory pictures, drawings and tables