Not-Book (Emergency book) in German



Description of Not-Book (Emergency book) in German

One step ahead in a blackout
What can you do if the power is suddenly gone? When ovens, lights,
heaters, mobile devices and even the toilet flushes no longer work? How do you keep in touch with your loved ones, what do you eat, and how do you get through
and how do you get home through the traffic chaos without petrol? How do you protect yourself and
and your personal environment from possible attacks in the event of a prolonged
power blackout?
A blackout is currently on everyone’s lips. In Switzerland, however, the danger of a blackout
seems a long way off for many people. Yet natural events show us
social events and crises of our time, such as the Corona pandemic or the Ukraine war, show us how fragile the security of supply is and how much we are interconnected and interdependent.
how interconnected and interdependent we are. It is like a
domino – if one stone falls, it is likely that many more stones will fall.

Are you prepared for a blackout?
If not, then our emergency book will help you with compact checklists for an
emergency – from practice for practice. We show you (immediate) measures
and provide valuable preparation tips in the areas of mobility, communication, water, hygiene, health, security, finance and business.
Our electricity-free recipes also offer you a creative basis for
preparing meals without a heat source.
Prepare yourself – you never know when it will be necessary.
The authors: The team of GU Sicherheit & Partner AG