Toothpaste Tablets, 125 Piece



Description of Toothpaste Tablets, 125 Piece

DENTTABS – 125 Piece

Toothpaste Tablets – very long shelf life.

Piece 125 DENTTABS are sufficient for 2 months (2x brushing a day plus 5 reserve for special moments).

DENTTABS are not only free of microplastics, but also packed plastic-free in fully compostable cornstarch bags.

Ecological benefits:

  • DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets contain no water.
  • Light weight, one tablet weighs less than 1/3 of an average application amount of toothpaste.
  • Long shelf life (almost unlimited shelf life, as no biological processes take place in the dry substance).
  • High resistance to heat and cold.

Cleaning with DENTTABS is so easy:  

With every DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets you always have the same quantity of all active ingredients at your disposal.

  • Simply chew a DENTTABS until it becomes creamy.

You may have to get used to this briefly at the beginning. It is worth it, however, because mixing it with saliva is crucial for the high remineralization. There is nothing to be said against moistening the toothbrush, but the rule is: the less water, the better.

  • Now brush your teeth with the moist toothbrush as usual.

Millions of microfine cellulose fibers and silica now brush and polish your teeth ultra-smooth. A toothbrush with soft and polished bristle ends is ideal.

  • Just take a few minutes. Your teeth will thank you for it. Rinse out – done!

Stroke your tongue over your teeth. After a few applications at the latest, you will notice that your teeth will feel the way they normally feel after prophylaxis treatment at the dentist.

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