Hilf dir selbst – in German



Description of Hilf dir selbst – in German

Jeannette Bucheli

Traditional home remedies and their application

Help yourself – A guide to the use of proven home remedies.

The book aims to help cure minor health disorders with proven home remedies and to prevent major health problems with advice on a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge passed down from generation to generation should not be forgotten, because the author is convinced that the knowledge and methods of our mothers and grandmothers are still quite useful in the modern world.

About the author:

Jeannette Bucheli, 1962, trained nursing specialist, mother of 3 children, has lived in Appenzellerland since her birth.

Growing up in a family of naturopaths, self-help has always been a great concern for her. She works as a naturopath with her own practice and accompanies people in their personal development as an intuition and mental coach.

Jeannette Bucheli: “Hilf dir selbst”, 264 p., Appenzeller Verlag, Herisau 2014, ISBN: 978-3-85882-687-9.