FAQ – Gamma EASY

Measure radioactivity yourself. Have certainty.

At what level is radioactive radiation dangerous for me?

The “normal” underground radiation level in Central Europe is about 0.1uSv/h – 0,.25 uSv/h.

The legislator requires a permit if a company adds more than 10 mSv per year to the environment. On an hourly rate this would be about 1.0 µSv/h.

Does my GAMMA EASY have a warranty?

GAMMA EASY offers a 2-year warranty on all manufacturer-related defects and malfunctions. This warranty is not effective for damages caused by the customer after delivery (e.g. a damaged sensor).

What can I do if the battery is empty?

The user buys a 9 Volt block and slides it into the contacts in the device handle.

What do I do if my GAMMA EASY is defective?

The GAMMA EASY is a tightly calculated mass product. Apart from the warranty exchange, a repair is not possible because of the disproportionate costs.

Can I carry the GAMMA EASY on an airplane?

Yes, the X-ray machine at the baggage check does not damage it.

Where can I not use my GAMMA EASY?

The GAMMA EASY does not work under water. Similar to a cell phone, this would cause a short circuit.

Does my GAMMA EASY have its own radiation source?


Can I detect contaminated food?

Only at significantly higher emissions, which must not occur in Europe.