Checklist: How Much Emergency Food Do I Need?

This is a guide to quickly gain an overview and find a solution that meets your personal needs.

2 important questions in advance:

  • How many people should be covered?
  • How long should the hedging period be? 

Basically said there are 3 essential topics:



Here the available energy (calories!) is of central importance. To survive, 1’000kcal per day is sufficient. Emergency food packages include 1’800 to 2’000kcal per day. The actual consumption depends strongly on the human performance. If, for example, heavy work is performed, even more than 3’000kcal per day may be necessary.

Our online store offers a calorie calculator which appears in the browser “top right” as soon as the first product is moved to the “shopping cart”. The calorie calculator helps to estimate your needs more easily.

Selection of ready-made packages at a special price:

Selection of complete solutions (Food incl. technical aids like water filter, emergency stove etc.):


In addition to a good water supply, we recommend a water filter for drinking water treatment from various water sources (stream/river/lake etc.). There are different models of filters in all price categories. The price is basically dependent on the filter performance and the materials used.


We recommend at least one cooking possibility independent of electricity.

There are various “emergency stoves” available, which are operated with different fuels (gas/petrol/diesel/clean petrol/petrol/wood).

For this purpose you need sufficient fuel for the period of time defined by you.


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You can easily order online or make an “Emergency food consultation” in Wald (Switzerland) or Rielasingen (Germany). We will gladly take time for you and work out an offer according to your needs. Of course we will also be happy to advise you by telephone.