Petromax Fire Piston

Independent Compression Lighter



Description of Petromax Fire Piston

Ignites Reliably and Everywhere
No matter if you are climbing in the mountains, hiking in the forest or camping in the wilderness: With the Petromax Fire Piston you can light a warming fire and cooking place in any environment. As an ignition source independent of weather and energy, it is your faithful helper that supports you in making a fire on your own. Shorter than a hand length, the Petromax Fire Piston fits easily into any luggage and provides the ignition spark for your adventures.

Compressed Firepower
In the well thought-out constructed fire piston, a method of igniting fire that has been proven for centuries is cleverly combined. The traditional way of igniting tinder in a hollow cylinder by air pressure compression was already known to primitive peoples. This technique is revived in the form of the Petromax fire piston and is as simple as it is effective: The piston head is loaded with scale and then abruptly pressed into the piston sleeve. The resulting air pressure and the heat of up to 400 °C that develops in the process ignites the scale and with it a prepared glowing nest or fireplace – without electricity, lighter or other aids. As an additional ignition alternative, you will find a rod flint stowed inside the flask, which guarantees a sparking fire start.

Everything in One Hand
The high quality black anodized Petromax fire piston consists of piston and piston sleeve. The scale and lubricant for a smooth ignition process can be found in the respective storage containers at the ends. These are well secured by screw caps. Unscrew the scale container from the piston and you can remove the additionally placed rod flint. The fire piston itself is stored space-savingly in the suitable transport bag. So nothing gets lost and the Petromax Fire Piston is well prepared for multiple ignition use.

Link: Illustrated step-by-step guide

Scope of Delivery
  • 1 x Fire piston
  • 4 x Rubber seal
  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Scale filling
  • 1 x Vaseline filling
  • 1 x Flint stone (inside)