Transport Bag for Loaf Pan k4



Description of Transport Bag for Loaf Pan k4

In this bag, you can quickly and easily pack away your Loaf Pan k4. It provides a safe storage option for your k4, and you can bring it along when visiting friends or going on vacation.

First-class stability thanks to high-quality workmanship
The transport bag is particularly robust and tear-proof, for it is made of high-quality ripstop fabric. The enforced handles guarantee optimal carrying comfort. In order to offer the highest possible stability for your Loaf Pan, the nylon fabric is additionally padded.

Extra storage capacity for accessories
The bag comes with a zipper pocket and two integrated mesh pockets. So you can easily transport or store your accessories (e.g. Petromax Zunder, hf1 or hf2 blowtorch). The top of the bag is embroidered with the Petromax logo, which has always stood for excellent quality and turns the transport bag into an indispensable accessory for your Loaf Pan k4.

Technical data
Material: nylon
Colour: black

Scope of delivery
1 x Trasnport Bag for Loaf Pan k4