Cooking Tripod




With the Petromax Cooking Tripod you can perfect your outdoor kitchen. On the hook of the robust Cooking Tripod you can hang up a barbecue grill, the Petromax Fire Pot or a Dutch Oven of similar size safely and easily. Thanks to the height-adjustable chain, cooking on an open fire is particularly gentle. The slanted feet ensure that the Cooking Tripod stands securely on a variety of surfaces. In addition, each leg is individually and continuously height-adjustable, so that unevenness of the floor can be easily compensated.


Transport size (folded)12 cm x 98 cm x 12 cm
Installation height*88 cm – 144 cm
Leg length88 cm – 159 cm
Weight4,10 kg
Maximum load40 kg


* The set-up height measures the distance from the ground to the highest point of the set up Cooking Tripod.



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