7 Day Emergency Rations




7 days package – offers vegetarian food for one person for 7 days.  The main meals are based on a value of about 600 calories per package. And our top priority is: The energy we consume should taste as good as possible!  The menus are easy and quick to prepare and come in a resealable stand-up pouch. The dishes are packed in a protective atmosphere.


  • 1 X BP-WR (Emergency Ration), 500g
  • 7 X Orifo Bars Caramel, Apple Cinnamon (Energy Bar)
  • 1 X Vegetable Jambalaya (Main Meal)
  • 1 X Potato Stew With Fried Onions (Main Meal)
  • 1 X Garden Vegetable Soy Risotto (Main Meal)
  • 1 X Cous Cous With Vegetables (Main Meal)
  • 1 X Pasta In Soya Bolognese (Main Meal)
  • 1 X Pasta Primavera (Main Meal)
  • 1 X Chana Masala (Main Meal)
  • 1 X Cereal “Swiss Style“ (Breakfast)
  • 1 X Wholemeal Fruit Muesli (Breakfast)

Total 11’025 kcal

Data Sheet

Minimum Shelf Life


  • (LxWxH): 30 x 25 x 23cm
  • Weight: 3.4 kg



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